Black Bow Ties

The black self-tie bow tie is the epitome of class and sophistication, working so well with a suit or tuxedo for your black-tie event. The black bow tie collection comprises silk, velvet and fine cotton fabrics, some more exuberant than others!

If you want to stand out from the crowd you could also go for a different shape, like the skinny or diamond self-tie.

Choose a traditional solid black velvet or black silk bow tie for the classic look. For a slightly bolder look, go for a black and gold bow tie. Our black velvet bow ties featuring diamond-like Swarovski crystals are for the ultimate showy occasion. 

You'll also find black bow ties with themes like music and patterns like paisley to complete your formal and funky styles.

Find both self-tie and pre-tied bow ties here. Choose the type you're most comfortable with or even get one of each so you can get that 'end of night' untied look without actually having to tie it! Or just learn how to tie a bow tie here.