Traditional One-Piece Fitted Self-Tie Bow Tie

This 100% pure Dupion silk bow tie is a non-adjustable, fitted bow tie, which comes in one piece without any clips or fastenings. This is sometimes known as a sized bow tie. 

There are times when it’s important to have a completely smooth neckband without any attachments or clips, particularly if you’re wearing a wing collar shirt. Or perhaps you just prefer the clean lines of a traditional fitted bow tie.

IMPORTANT: To get the perfect fit, please provide an accurate shirt collar measurement below. Your bow tie will be handmade to order, just for you.

This bow tie is the epitome of class and sophistication and comes in the following shapes:

  • Standard Butterfly
  • Diamond Point
  • Narrow Bat

Further product details:

  • Self-tie bow tie
  • Fitted (non-adjustable) with no clips
  • 100% pure silk Dupion
  • Handmade in England to order
  • The unique feature of Dupion silk is the ‘slubs’. These are the bumpy horizontal lines that you’ll find in the fabric of your bow tie. They are created by the silkworms when they build their cocoons close together. Rather than being a blemish or a mistake, the more ‘slubby’ the silk the more natural, and therefore the higher quality it is. So, if you think something is wrong with your bow tie, it’s not! Actually it’s supposed to be like that, and is a sign of expense and quality.
  • Ivory bow tie shown for example (available on request)
  • Dry clean only

If you would like a different colour silk or an alternative size, please contact me HERE

Style: Standard Butterfly
Size: 13" collar

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