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What a Customer Said

"In an impersonal world full of undifferentiated product, Blue Eyes Bow Ties have really set themselves apart. I bought a new midnight blue dinner jacket thinking it would be easy to get a self-tie, one piece bow tie to match, everywhere I looked the colour either wasn’t dark enough, ready tied or was adjustable (which always ruins the clean lines on a winged collared shirt).

I got in touch with Blue Eyes Bow Ties on a friend’s recommendation and discussed the issue with Helen, she responded immediately, sent out silk samples, which had the perfect shade of blue included, and was able to turn around a quality finish within a couple of weeks.

The sizing was perfect, the finish exquisite and the service was outstanding.

To say I am a happy customer is such an understatement. I would thoroughly recommend this company to anyone looking for a high-quality bespoke product!"

Alex, UK