Black Silk Bow Tie with 9ct White Gold Disc

This sophisticated pure silk bow tie, adorned with a solid 9ct white gold disc, is a truly unique and luxury item. 

Pair tailored suiting and formal styles with this debonair bow tie to create a look that exudes class and expressive charm. Wearing this eye-catching bow tie will make you feel truly special and ready to dazzle at any event. 

This self-tie bow tie is made from a sleek black Indian Dupion silk, renowned for its textured finish and luxury feel. It features adjustable fastening for effortless styling.

The bow tie showcases a solid 9ct white gold disc, measuring 6mm in diameter, which is custom created for us by our Devon-based jeweller who has many years of experience in designing beautiful and unique pieces. 

The disc is polished to a high shine and is individually sewn securely onto the bow tie by hand.

This bow tie is absolutely perfect for elegant red-carpet events or sophisticated formal gatherings. It is the epitome of class, being deceptively simple, with the merest hint of extravagance. 

  • Custom made 9ct solid white gold disc adornment
  • Rhodium plated for a brilliant silver colour
  • 100% silk Dupion
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Limited edition
  • Self-tie bow tie with adjustable fastenings
  • Neck band can be adjusted using the slide buckle to fit approximately 13"-18" (other sizes available on request)
  • The unique feature of Dupion silk is the ‘slubs’. These are the bumpy horizontal lines that you’ll find in the fabric of your bow tie. They are created by the silkworms when they build their cocoons close together. Rather than being a blemish or a mistake, the more ‘slubby’ the silk the more natural, and therefore the higher quality it is. So, if you think something is wrong with your bow tie, it’s not! Actually it’s supposed to be like that, and is a sign of expense and quality.

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