Most Popular Bow Ties, 2016-2022

I started Blue Eyes Bow Ties back in 2016 with a tiny collection of unique, limited edition bow ties. The funky designs soon caught people’s attention and I very quickly got a following of loyal patrons who dared to wear my bright designs and eccentric patterns.

Since then, I’ve kept a keen eye on which designs have been most popular, watching for trends in the fashion world and seeking to meet the sometimes-curious demands of my customers!

It’s interesting to observe the trends that have appeared over the years, and so I thought it’d be nice to see which bow ties have been most popular. So here’s a roundup of the best sellers from 2016 to 2022…


By far the most popular design of 2016 was the Vintage Red Santa bow tie. This was the year I started Blue Eyes Bow Ties and admittedly I didn’t get my shop up and running until September, so that’s partly why this Christmas bow tie won the race. However, with his cheeky smile and vintage look, you can understand why this bow tie stole the show in 2016!

Vintage Santa Bow Tie


2017 was the year for Black and Gold. Without a doubt the most popular bow tie was this one, with its deep black background and sparkly metallic gold accents; it was perfect for evening events. Although this design no longer exists, I always carry a selection of black and gold bow ties because it’s one of those timeless designs that never goes out of fashion.

Black and Gold Bow Tie


2018 saw the meteoric rise of the Black Velvet and Swarovski Crystal bow tie. What a stunner this one is, so much so that I still make it now. It’s striking and audacious, and definitely not one for the shy of heart! This black velvet and crystal bow tie brings glamour, sparkle and shine, and is perfect for red carpet events and gala dinners.

Swarovski Crystal Bow Tie

2019 & 2020

Both 2019 and 2020 were dominated by the Doctor Who Bow Tie. It all began in November 2019 when I discovered one of my bow ties was going to be worn by Jodie Whittaker in the first and second episodes of the 12th series of Doctor Who. You can read all about the bow tie and the story behind it’s fame, HERE. Naturally, this Black and Gold spotty bow tie was an instant hit with Doctor Who fans and cosplayers around the world. The desire to get one of the original bow ties continued well into 2020, making it the star of the show for two years running.

 Doctor Who Bow Tie


This was the year we slowly started getting back to some semblance of ‘normality’ after Covid. The most popular bow tie this year was this timeless, sleek and elegant, Black Silk Bow Tie. There were lots of parties in 2021, many people were making up for that lost year, and I get the impression that this bow tie was the staple choice for birthdays, weddings and other events that had been postponed during lockdowns.

Black Silk Bow Tie


Last year was marked by the incredible popularity of the Majestic Peacock Bow Tie. It’s a wonderful vibrant blue and metallic gold design, which really stands out from the crowd. I’ve just managed to get hold of a little bit more of this fabric so there’s enough to make another batch before it ‘flies’ off the shelf for good (sorry!). Many people this year have added a matching peacock pocket square too; it completes the look perfectly.

Majestic Peacock Bow Tie

After all the amazing bow ties of the last 7 years, it’s exciting to wonder what 2023 will bring…

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