'The Gentlemen' Bow Tie

If you're looking for an oversized black silk self-tie bow tie, this is the one for you!

Based on the bow tie worn by Eddie Horniman (Theo James) in Netflix's hit show, 'The Gentlemen', this bow tie is made from black, 100% pure Dupion silk. 

It is a larger, droopier, butterfly design, perfect for those looking for a statement sized bow tie. 

  • 100% silk Dupion
  • Handmade in England
  • Limited Edition
  • Self-tie bow tie with adjustable fastenings to fit approximately 13"-18". Other sizes available on request. 
  • The deepest part of the bow is 7cm or 2 3/4 inches
  • Spot clean only
  • The unique feature of Dupion silk is the ‘slubs’. These are the bumpy horizontal lines that you’ll find in the fabric of your bow tie. They are created by the silkworms when they build their cocoons close together. Rather than being a blemish or a mistake, the more ‘slubby’ the silk the more natural, and therefore the higher quality it is. So, if you think something is wrong with your bow tie, it’s not! Actually it’s supposed to be like that, and is a sign of expense and quality.

Your new bow tie will be delivered wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a box.

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